yesterday was an absolutely beautiful summer's day. about damn time, i must say. the best part was the non-humidnesses of it all (yeah, i just totally made up a word) which is a total drag (literally) in japan. there was even a sudden thunderstorm just to keep things exciting (hiro loves to play in the rain. with umbrellas. so not gonna happen with electricity flying around. he already broke his umbrella for the year, too. he was borrowing tommy's. little stinker.)

since it rained i did spare ribs in the oven, with potato salad, rice and something else carbohydrate-y (can't remember now, have mommy's brain) and nothing much fiberlicious. oops. there's tomatoes in the BBQ sauce, right? (stuff from the US, so not a health food but so yummy!) today the kidlets had spaghetti and the sauce has like five kinds of veggies in it, right? yeah, another bottled thing but they love it. i made homemade pizza for myself. the kids don't like my pizza, which is total mom revenge because i totally hated my mom's homemade pizza. weird, hey.

i don't think we're really doing any kind of garden this year. i did buy two tomato plants yesterday, so we'll see. we have some peas or beans out there that need to be staked, and these potatoes just sprouted out of nowhere. i'm almost afraid to harvest them...

tommy is in the two and half year old stage where he hates change. for a while it was a total battle to change him out of his pajamas. then later in the day, take off his clothes for bath. he's better at those things but the true battle is over diapers and jackets. he does NOT NO WAY NO HOW want to change his diaper. he gets some rashes down there and that just makes it worse, because he knows it's going to hurt and he doesn't want to change. but then it just gets painful for him and then....well, i just feel sorry for the little guy. and then the jackets. oh gawd, the jackets. he didn't like the change from long sleeves to short, but i gave away most of his winter stuff during golden week so he has no choice. there were several mornings where he tearfully pulled his sleeves down crying out why didn't they go down?? so i gave him a jacket. for the past month he has been wearing a jacket (or zip up sweatshirt) and he is happy as a clam. our cool spring has made this bearable, but with weather like yesterday and today, he's gonna get miserable. worse yet, yesterday he found his winter coat and insisted on using it. running errands today was nearly fatal (not really) because of how freakin hot it is in the car whenever we got back to it. it should come to no surprise to you right now that tommy is outside playing with hiro wearing only his winter coat and a pull up diaper.