i have a couple of minutes to write, before the rice is ready. people are always asking me what i'm making for dinner. they say it's because they want ideas, but i think it's for the same reason i ask what someone is making for dinner: if it's something good, i want to invite myself over to eat! tonight's menu is: buta bara negi shio (pork belly in salt spring onion sauce), veggie miso soup (featuring daikon, carrot, pumpkin, potato, two kinds of mushroom and tofu), corn on the cob ('boiled' in the steam oven) and rice. maybe some cucumber, maybe some natto. that depends on the kids. anyway, the pork was purchased already seasoned. yoshi got it on saturday when we had a BBQ to celebrate a break in rainy season.

oops, time up.

back. anyway, the only reason i mention the meat is i cooked it in a frying pan with some cooking paper. this helps to prevent the sauce from burning. maybe everyone knows this, i learned it from the people who cook free samples at stores (you don't have to worry about shopping when hungry in many big stores here, especially costco!) i just thought i'd share!

today i had to go to the school and get sasha. she had a fever, though she said that her tummy hurt. hopefully the dinner will suit her (i doubt she'll eat the pork, too spicy even if she weren't sick.) fingers crossed she'll feel better tomorrow! hiro brought home some potatoes, i guess they dug them up at school today. he even brought sasha's share, though it's unclear as to whether she actually pulled them up or not.

well, time to serve some hungry kids!