i have recently been composing blog posts in my head (not something i've been doing for the past few months), but once i get to the computer i find that i have nothing to say. there's nothing like driving to get the creative juices flowing, i guess. or wrassling with three small children in the shower. (see what i mean?! that just sounds all wrong, bur really, it's not!! just regular bath time trying to get reluctant children to wash their hair.) i really haven't been doing much (as per usual) although i did take advantage to the unexpected sunny morning yesterday and emptied the dirty laundry basket. everything got washed and dried (though not put away. yes, we have the laundry mountain of doom. even frodo wouldn't take this thing on. i think i need to sail away to the west...or maybe east, that would be better....) the kids and i went to visit kuri and her pinglet on sunday, leaving yoshi alone on father's day. lucky him. well, he also had a neighborhood meeting to go to so, yeah. i made a chocolate cake which worked really well as a threat on the way, but sadly not so much on the way home. two out of three kids fell asleep, though, and that's always a bonus.

on monday blah blah blah (that actually means i can't remember monday and can't be bothered to). yesterday i made chocolate chip cookies and once again they fell flat. i am feeling flat. stupid rainy season. except for the sunny day yesterday, thanks for that. but my hydrangea out front is wilting, that's how much rain we've had in our part of japan. i know that people enjoy sunny weather (i do too!!) but the rain is important and if you think about it, most of the rain in rainy season fills up lakes and reservoirs and we need those, yeah. plus all the rain supposedly washes away suzumebatchi newly formed nests and thus predicts less in the fall, which is good for me because they scare the hell out of me *and* i have three small children to worry about.

i will be going to osaka next month for a meeting. sadly it's the same day as the kindergarten's music festival but that's why cameras and video cameras were invented! hopefully i'll be able to teach yoshi how to use the video setting on my camera....

ok, tommy is rolling on the floor repeating, 'mommy, why we not going?!' and it's only going to get louder and louder, so i had better go to the store.