last thursday, yoshi took the day off from work. i think he was planning on going to the yamakasa festival, but he didn't get up in time. how many festivals start at 4:59 in the morning, anyway? i remember going once, about eight years ago, so i don't really want to go again. especially with small children. but yoshi wants to go. ah well, there's always next year.

anyway, it's odd having yoshi around during the day on a weekday. i kept catching myself thinking the next day was sunday. or why was that person doing such-and-such on a saturday? weird. he did go to the hospital (for a check) and to the city hall (for whatever) and then finished up right around lunch time. hiro and sasha got home early from school, and we decided to go to karaoke. the ownership has changed (at our usual joint) and now has a drink bar! woo-hoo, no more living vicariously through other bloggers! ;) they also had a great lunch deal, 990 for three hours, nomihodai and one dish (we got gobo-ten udon and tomato hambaagu). the kids were free, but i think yoshi paid 100 yen each for their drink bar. also, the kids and i had lunch before going there, so they weren't starving. always a good thing!

afterward yoshi took the kids for a drive while i went out by myself for a while. that was lovely! then home and a simple dinner and then it was time for bed. friday took a bit getting used to!

now we are in the middle of a three day weekend. kinda weird when you're not working! and tomorrow i 'celebrate' eleven years in japan! gah! i never imagined that when i first came all those years ago...