not to state the obvious, but...yeah, it's raining. hard.

it's been so dark the past few days. yesterday it rained pretty much all day, and pretty heavily in the early hours of the morning. it's raining hard again just now, and the forecast is for heavy rain all day. rain tomorrow, too, but maybe not quite as much. plenty of rain here, rivers are rising! luckily we live on top of a hill, and not near any cliffs, so no worries of rivers or landslides here. earlier in the rainy season, other parts of kyushu got hit pretty hard. i guess it's our turn.

all this rain has put a stop to my ideas of walking in the morning. i am trying to lose weight. not because i hate myself or am unhappy, but i am of a size where i can't just pop over to the shopping mall and get some new clothes. *sigh* but this is hard, it's always been hard. the end of shark week and all the cake i ate yesterday has put me in the blues, i think. (ugh, the cake. i made a cake yesterday for an english coffee conversation lesson, but my student--my only student--called at ten to say she couldn't make it. i am not succeeding at work at all. i don't know what to do. *sigh*)

i think this post is becoming a bit random. writing barf. let's see if i can pull it together.

i was quite disappointed that my student canceled yesterday. it was to be the last one before the kids were out of school for summer. i have had a difficult time even explaining this 'class' (i don't even really consider it a lesson, as i'm not teaching anything), so i haven't been able to advertise it much. but i am also having trouble just getting any interest. it must be me, people don't want to learn english with me. i am starting to work on my japanese so maybe i can get some translation work someday. over the holidays i am also going to try to work on some kind of ad (perhaps postcard size? so i can put it up, but also carry it around and hand it out to anyone who is interested?) i am not overeager to get some work, but on the other hand i need the money so....

the kids are fine, always fine, just going a bit stir-crazy at home because of the rain. looks like it might start to clear up over the weekend so fingers crossed this is the last blast from the rainy season!