just doing the same thing, day after day. this is fine with me. i think i say this all the time, but i am actually rather happy without the drama. fun, new and exciting things would be great, i guess, but i think they would be tiring, too. i am about ready for more work (income) but i am also reluctant to give up this time with the kids. in one way it's really easy to see that end--with all kids in school and sooooo much time to myself. unfortunately, that's not feasible for us! *sigh* and so, i should start turning my mind to work.

the kids are all doing well. i have pretty much changed out their wardrobe and all their fall clothes (and most winter things, too) are in their closet. we need more storage (not space, just shelves and drawers and things) but i don't see things changing any time soon. boo. anyway, things are pretty much squared away.

last weekend yoshi did a big clean up. it really needed it, i barely did *anything* over the summer. i'm an indifferent housekeeper to begin with (and with three small children it really wasn't a priority for a long time anyway) but it was getting pretty bad here in the living room. the kids are big enough now to help keep it clean. now i need to cull the toys and find a chest for my craft things. THEN i need to take care of the kids room. then mine. so much work!

i am feeling well, no more attacks since august. i just might be losing weight, too, but we'll see. we haven't spoken to the hospital since my last visit, so nothing to report about upcoming surgeries. i'm not sure anything's going to happen until spring, at this rate! that's ok, the low-fat, low-sugar thing has got to be good for me!

well, that's about it for an update. hopefully we'll do fun japanese-y things for me to blog about this week.