ok, so i'm finally getting around to it. i know, i know, i'm sorry. but hey, i've been busy!

so this year (again) yoshi was in the undokai group, which is five parents from each class who help during the undokai. that means i got stuck taking care of tommy. which is fine, EXCEPT he is totally daddy's boy and wanted to go find him all the time. or shout DADDY! DADDY! DADDY! at the top of his lungs. looking for daddy was shoe optional. shouting for daddy was right in mommy's face. before the undokai even started, tommy decided he was sooooo done.

tommy's take on undokai

so sleepy

we got there pretty early (8 am, it started at 9) but even so, there were a lot of people there. we parked up at the elementary school, which is right next door, in the open field in front of the school. then it was time to play.

hiro did really really well, i was so proud of him. he still didn't bow with the rest of the class at the beginning, and he didn't do a couple of other things, but he did the dance with the rest of his class (it involved a flag!) and he did really well in his race! sasha is a little social butterfly so i'm not as worried about her. she also tried really hard in her race and didn't try to cling to me too much.

flags down

hiro da!

run hiro!

sasha about to run!before the race

sasha's penny was #23red

sasha #23

not too long after that, i had really had it with tommy. he would run off, looking for yoshi, scream, distract everyone, wouldn't listen, was totally bored. so, i took him to the car to take him for a drive (and maybe buy him some juice!) but some idiot had allowed people to park in all the parking slots in front of the elementary school, basically trapping all the cars that were parked in the field there. that meant us. i was so so angry. i can't even tell you how fucking pissed off i was. tired, bored child, angry mother who wanted to go watch the undokai (hiro was doing so well!!) so we just stayed in the car watching a DVD until the lunch break. *sigh*

after lunch we went back to the field to watch to the end. i also had to join sasha for the first years mother/child dance. that was ok, except they had us make circles on the field and then asked us to crouch for about ten minutes. i can so not crouch, it hurts my knees! that kinda sucked, but the dance was fun--it involved a lot of hugging!

anyway, soon enough it was finished. then it started to rain. most people left, but yoshi had to stay to help clean up. after our car was 'free', i moved it to the parking lot of the yochien, and then we waited. and waited. and waited. finally yoshi told us to go ahead, and that he could probably get a ride with one of the teachers. he called about 30 minutes later, though, and said that the parents had all left but it looked like the teachers weren't going to leave any time soon. i hadn't gone straight home so we went back to the school and picked him up. hm. and that's about all i can remember! LOL anyway, you can check out more pictures over at flickr!