it's been almost a week, i suppose i should post! (things are not looking good for next month!) last week was actually rather stressful, without being obviously stressful. at least, not at first. you see, i have a new job. it's only once a week (yay?), at a juku (yay?) and is only little kids (yay!). last week, though, i had to plan a trial lesson for two different age groups (my potential class, plus my potential class and a slightly older age group). i can plan trial lessons, no problem, but starting cold with a never-taught-before-in-that-school plan was a bit daunting. then i found out the day before my trial class that no one had signed up! :( i offered to bring my kids (because they'd be about that level. well, their english is pretty fucking awesome, but if any 6 or 7 year olds showed up, they'd be about the same age (except for tommy) and maybe interact well.) it turns out that was the right thing to do because no one showed up, but i got to do a lesson in front of the other teachers, plus the head teacher of the school, and i think it went really well (wonders of wonders, my kids actually listened to me *and* tried the songs and the flash cards and LOVED the bingo games (which they had never done before)).

the next class (which was the next day) went really well, too. three kids showed up, one of them in the age group i would (potentially) be teaching! i do hope he signs up, because who knows how long i'll be employed if there's no class! wish me luck! (hiro, sasha and tommy also came to this class, but sasha was a real pain just before it started, clinging to me and shouting a lot. tommy was a leech on yoshi and so i asked him to take the two of them away. we heard sasha screaming all the way to the parking lot....)

*i did get undokai photos uploaded, but haven't had the time or energy to write about it. hopefully this week!