well, looks like i won't be in the running for a prize this year! that's ok. i have a couple of good excuses....

on sunday i wasn't feeling well. i had pretty bad lower back pain all day. i could get around (barely) so i could go out and do things, plus little around the house things (and dinner was leftovers from the day before. yay for thanksgiving!) but i was not feeling at all well. so that's why i didn't post on sunday.

yesterday i went to the hospital in the morning and found out that my kidney stone is still there, pretty much in the same place and about the same size. lovely, huh? tommy is having such a hard time with the hospital. he's good for about the first hour but then he just wants to be out of there. which, of course, we can't do. *sigh* he was ok during the CT scan, though, so that was a blessing.

after the hospital we had lunch, and then went home. i had to buy diapers but before i went to Direx!, i decided to stop at a 100 yen shop and in the parking lot i hit a parked car! ugh, not fun. luckily no one was hurt, i was going pretty slow (was trying to park my car) so there wasn't a lot of damage, but i'm kinda embarrassed. what a pain. so, i was kinda dwelling on that yesterday so i didn't post.

well, this counts for today, and i will definitely make an effort for the rest of the month!