today the in-laws came over for dinner. that included BIL and his family. FIL turned 60 this year, and BIL wanted to do something together as a family. after lots of back-and-forthing and changing of plans, it was decided that we would do dinner here. order sushi? make something? order something else? a couple of weeks ago i asked yoshi what they had decided and he admitted that nothing had been so i offered to make a turkey dinner. i wasn't going to do thanksgiving but i figured it's probably better to do turkey sooner rather than later just in case everyone runs out before christmas (still planning a christmas turkey, as long as i can get one in december!)

SIL made several dishes and brought them (including sekihan--red beans and rice), and the PIL brought HUGE trays of sushi and i admit to being a bit peeved at first but then i figured, they want to eat what they want to eat so...they enjoyed the turkey and trimmings, too, so that's ok. it was a lot of work for me, especially cleaning up dishes one by one (because my kitchen is so small--i'm not complaining, only sayin') but in the end the kids had a fabulous time, my in-laws looked happy and while my family is here, everyone else has buggered off to a hotel so WIN! yay.

i think they're coming over again tomorrow, but i have a private lesson to teach, so i probably won't see them much. win again!

i have so much to post about, still, especially the kids' open day at their school last thursday. good for nablopomo right?