haha! nothing to say here, but just posting for nablopomo. the point is (or, can be) to write something every day, just to get it out there. it doesn't have to monumental. or at least, when it comes to this blog, it doesn't have to be!

tommy and i pretty much stayed at home today. i did have to go out and get a few things for dinner, but in the end it was the spaghetti i had to go and get at 7-11. ah well, we can't win them all!

yoshi had a drinking party tonight so spaghetti turned out to be a great dinner. we even had some garlic bread which i got at trial. now hiro and sasha are sleeping in their beds (WAH-HOO!) and tommy is downstairs tormenting yoshi. i should get some sleep myself, and see if i can coax my lazy butt out of bed tomorrow morning for some much needed exercise....

tomorrow is open school day at the yochien. perhaps i should take some pictures and give a virtual tour!