i wish i had something insightful to post. something to make you think. but i don't. i can barely remember where my purse is most days.

i wish i could write something entertaining, or at least a bit amusing. but i can't. i'm just not that funny.

i wish i had some photos to share. but i don't. i haven't been taking many photos lately. i should. i don't want to miss the kids in their different stages. i think i've missed about six months this year.

i wish i were ready for surgery. not that i have a lot to prepare, but i should be getting things together (esp. those things i want to take with me.) but i'm not, i haven't. better get on that!

today tommy and i met up with friends, and he surprised me by being jealous. poor tommy. i think that last night was the first time i mentioned *to* the kids that i would be going to the hospital again and staying for a few days. sasha was very upset. *sigh* well, it can't be helped and hopefully it will be the last--for a while anyway. more wishful thinking.