i did mean to write yesterday, though about what i no longer have any idea. at around 4 in the afternoon yesterday, tommy managed to fall down and split his face open, again. this is the second time he has done this, and the third time i've taken him to the hospital because of a wound in his face. *sigh* the doctor and nurses at the hospital (not the pediatrician) know us now. i'm kinda embarrassed! they let me know that the last time i brought him in was august. *sigh* and they couldn't quite remember who was the previously wounded child the last time we went in (i think it was sasha and the dumbbell on the toe incident. yes, she lost a toenail.)

the kids were going to go out a play for a while, even though it was fucking cold and even snowing a bit (brr, hate that part) but hiro and sasha weren't quite ready to head out the door. tommy, who spends all day at home was out the door and fooling around, picking green tomatoes i think, when he must have tripped on a step and hit his face on the stone wall. he probably had tomatoes in his hands and didn't break his fall--with his hands, anyway. he cut his face right between his eyes, vertically down his nose. my poor baby is totally a scarface now. *sigh*

at the hospital the doctor taped him up instead of a stitch or staple, but tommy managed to peel off the outer bandage and then the tape a couple of hours later. i was on the phone with kuri at the time and was stressing out about something else so tommy pulling the bandages off his face really pissed me off. i called yoshi and asked him to come home asap (which he actually managed to do) and then was off to the hospital again. i have been very diligent about keeping that tape on tommy's face. i am quite determined to keep any scarring to a minimum.

anyway, i'm sure that anything i would have had to say yesterday wasn't all that important, maybe about the open house at the kids' school last month. maybe about the surgery. maybe about the anticipation of christmas and how homesick i feel. ANYWAY, now we have a new wound to take care of, and i'm pretty sure i feel a cold coming on. since i have a work christmas party to participate in tomorrow, i hope it's just my imagination and tomorrow i feel hale and hearty!