well, i've been home from the hospital for a little over a week now. I was pretty tired and also pretty busy and haven't had a lot of time for blogging. my mom went home on monday, so i've been a bit bummed about that. it's sad when you haven't seen your mom for three years, and then when she visits you spend a week in the hospital....

anyway, the surgery went well. the day after i was pretty sore and woozy from the anesthesia, which made me doze and snore all day saturday (dec. 4). and, it made me not care that i was snoring even though i was awake! i was in a shared room and in retaliation, my roommates talked about me (and how awesome it was my kids could speak english).

by sunday morning i was up and about, and went downstairs twice to buy milk. i lurve milk, but there wasn't any in the vending machine on my floor, but plenty in the little shop on the first floor. i was a very good little girl and didn't buy any sodas or chocolate bars, only milk, which i enjoyed every morning and afternoon while i was in the hospital. one of the women who work in the shop happened to recognize me (i often get tommy's bribery snacks there) and was surprised that i was up and about only three days after surgery. it helps that it was laparoscopic surgery, that's for sure!

the kids had a hard time of it, as they did in august, but i was lucky in that the doctors let me go home early (i was supposed to stay a week from surgery, which was on a friday, but they let me go home on wednesday evening). it was also rough on my mom and yoshi, but i think everyone survived the experience!

so, i no longer have a gallbladder. it was weird to me, but then i remembered that i had my tonsils out when i was very young, so it wasn't like i was whole before the beginning of this month!

i did have a check on my kidney stone, and don't have very good news there. apparently it hasn't moved much in the past month or two. if it doesn't move, i may get stuck and grow larger, which wouldn't be good. i have to go back in january and if it's still in the same spot, they're going to have to go in and get it out. which would mean another hospital stay!! fingers crossed that it will pass soon.