today we went to the aquarium. i would post pictures, but the camera's battery died. which is strange, since i recharged it all day yesterday. guess i need to take it to the store and have them send it to the maker to see what the problem is. anyway. the aquarium was decorated for christmas, with lights everywhere and even some aquariums had decorations in them. the diving show had the diver dress up as santa. it was quite cute, they had covered up his tanks with felt which made it look like santa's bag of toys. the dolphin show (which we pretty much missed) had a christmas theme, too.

we went out to see the sea lions and seals, and gave them some fish. then the trainer came out and fed some of them and gave us some information about them (the sealions). i got a lot on video (because i couldn't adjust for the lighting) so if i ever get enough battery power i will post it.

we had a lot of melt-downs today. i guess the kids are over-excited about christmas. *sigh* they are looking forward to a visit from santa and are having a hard time keeping it together. friend are coming over, too, and they are really looking forward to that! i have a turkey to roast tomorrow, yum. i also had to work tomorrow, but (luckily?) that got canceled so i am free tomorrow!

here's hoping we have a happy and mellow christmas tomorrow!