hey there, remember me? yeah, sorry for the blogging silence. i guess it's been the holidays, yeah? so um, anyone still out there?

we had a lovely christmas and a quiet new year. how about you? hopefully i'll be able to go into detail in the next few days, and include some pictures. however, sasha and hiro are on winter vacation and aren't due back until the 11th so i may not have the time or power to write much.

i haven't been reading much and i shudder to think what my bloglines look like. since the take-over i haven't been reading much (at the beginning it looks shudderingly like google reader and i haven't had the heart--or strength--to try to read it.) so, sorry to those who are on my bloglines and not on my blog list on the right ---> i probably haven't read your blog in about three weeks. hope you're all doing well.

i finally got some pictures uploaded, but believe it or not, i didn't take any photos at christmas or new year. just tired. and really freaking cold.

happy new year to you, welcome to the year of the rabbit, 2011!