on wednesday we went to the nogata AEON to meet up with kuri, the pinglet and the newest mini-ping. mainly to go to lunch at the new SUBWAY there (YUM!). first, we got the kids lunch, then we took them to the playland where you can leave them (!!) if they are three and over, and then the three of us (kuri, mini-ping and i) went to subway and enjoyed the quiet with a couple of sandwiches. HEAVEN!

but then i over-indulged with caffeine (oops), first at starbucks with a mocha, and then with a cola-zero on the way home. i didn't go to sleep until after 2 am, which was good for catching up with my AFWJ work, but not so great for sleeping before going to work at 9 am. oops. at least i didn't forget to go to work (as i did in the last week of december--OOPS!) but i was pretty tired yesterday and in the afternoon...wasn't so great. and still, i didn't go to sleep until after midnight. *sigh*

i didn't have to work today so we had plans to meet up again. the pinglet started school today, but only a half day, so we met up in the afternoon. again for lunch, but not in nogata so we ate all together. then we went to starbucks because the moms were just. plain. tired. and the kids were cool with having a hot chocolate. we had tentative plans to go to the natural history museum (dinosaurs!) but that got nixed. maybe we can do that over the weekend.

yes, that was my exciting day. i even copped out on dinner for the past two nights (chili yesterday, tuna casserole tonight) and i am just really glad it's friday. kinda. three day weekends can be hell, and we only just had long holidays and the kids are just so ready to go back to school (even if they don't realize it) but it will be good to have yoshi around (hopefully). at the moment, my plan is more cleaning. i've got the christmas stuff nearly done (been procrastinating on that because of the cold and because the kids don't want me to put the christmas dvds away!)

hopefully i'll have time to myself on sunday, and on monday we can take the kids to the museum!