i have to admit to being a bit overwhelmed today. i am so ready for the older kids to go back to school! it didn't help that i had too much caffeine yesterday afternoon and didn't get to sleep until after two this morning. i had to teach this morning, very early and although the kids got to sleep in (a bit) i didn't and this afternoon was pretty hard! only one day left in the week, i think, and then it's the weekend. a three day weekend. *sigh* but then we'll be back to regular programming. can't hardly wait!

other than teaching, today was a prettylaid back day. it snowed a bit. nothing major, just some flakes coming down. i wouldn't be disappointed if that were it for the season. i hate the cold. we only have one working heater left. that really sucks. :( we can't even find the cord for the kotatsu. even though we have the futons all set up for it, it's really rather useless and just gets gross from all the snacks that are eaten at the table! ew.

i did a bit of cleaning before new year's eve, but right now i can't get anything done and am just trying to wait out the kids until they go back to school. wish me luck!