on sunday yoshi had to man a booth at a festival (what festival? i have no idea). he is part of a neighborhood softball team and they were selling zenzai to raise money for their team. it was pretty cold on sunday and apparently they sold everything. i say apparently because i saw myself with three kids on sunday and decided to make other plans!

we went out to kuri's house to play. i said i was going to bring a cake, but i ran out of energy on saturday and it didn't get done. my back-up 'dessert' was rice krispie treats, but sadly the marshmallows (generic walmart brand) didn't melt--they just got grainy and the parts touching the bottom carmelized and just didn't work out at all. *sigh* luckily kuri made a banana cake, but we also went to starbucks for a treat.

the kids had a great time (i think hiro held the baby five times, he just loves babies!) and we actually managed to go the park, make valentines and stayed so long we had dinner at joyfull together. thanks kuri, for a great afternoon!

only sasha slept on the way home, which is a good thing, and barely managed to hop in the bath and get her pj's on before falling asleep! the boys were a bit better and actually made it to bed at a reasonable hour (it was a school night!) hopefully we'll be seeing our friends soon, perhaps at our house!