so i have no idea what the state of my kidney stone is. i am almost afraid to go to the hospital. we didn't really have a back up plan for daycare, but then, i didn't expect to have the flu! (as an aside, i feel like such an asshole for going to the hospital with the flu. not that i did it on purpose but geez!) so, yoshi took time off from work and it's a bit too soon to do so again, we are not going to ask his mom and my mom just came over in december so...yeah. even though it looks like two or three days in the hospital, getting tommy looked after is a bit of a problem. also, we're nearly to march and then it's spring break. and then it's april when hiro will be starting elementary school and tommy will be starting yochien (kindergarten/preschool). i guess i just need to go to the hospital and find out what needs to be done. if we can wait a few more weeks, the end of april would really work for us...

on the 11th, the kindergarten had their musical/dance recital. sasha was so wonderful! very genki and loud. afterward she said that the teacher would have been angry so she did her best. she always says the teacher is going to be angry, but i wonder what that means...i missed hiro's class. they did a production of cinderella, and hiro was one of the princes (basically there were four kids in each role, though for some reason (flu?) there were only three princes). tommy was SOOOO OVER IT by the time it was hiro's turn so i chased him around the school. *sigh* i had yoshi order the DVD so hopefully i'll be able to see it soon.

they actually did half the classes in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. that was great because then we didn't have to watch ALL the kids (no matter how cute, i do not want to sit through three hours of 3-6 year-olds singing and dancing!) so that was a plus. hiro and sasha's classes were in the afternoon, though, so i had to get out of there as early as possible to go teach. what fun!

the kids had monday off (because the 11th was a holiday) but it was orientation day at the elementary school. i had to take tommy and sasha with, and sasha was actually mistaken for the future first grader! *sigh* poor hiro. it was pretty interesting, though, with the kids pairing up with fifth grader, watching the first graders (basically sing a few songs), then lunch with the fifth grade and then off to the library while the parents got a presentation (about the school, about what the kids need on the first day of school, etc.) i think hiro enjoyed himself, but tommy and sasha were so hungry! afterward we went to mcdonald's for lunch and then went home to play.

the rest of the week was pretty low-key. i slowly got my strength back from having the flu (which really wasn't all that bad, it just made me really tired and not want to eat). it's time for me to actually concentrate on losing weight, i've been putting it off for about eight weeks now. wish me luck!