so, on the seventh tommy and i went to the school for the farewell day. this is basically the day when the parents get an 'open house' day and the kids get awards, and the underclasses say goodbye to the upper class. (they also had a lunch last monday, just the kids, and hiro got a gift from a second-year student, a handmade 'randoseru'). both hiro and sasha got awards, both for attendance. sasha's was for one year, and hiro for two year (technically hiro has never missed a day of school, but since he started half-way through the first year, he doesn't qualify for the three year award.)

each class also sang a song, which was nice. then there were loads of speeches and crying. ah, such is the japanese school life. here are a few photos i took last week.

sasha singing

shy in front of the school


receiving the award

in front of the whole school

and a recent (random) picture of me.

look at me