i have been avoiding the news. i turned on the nhk world broadcast (it's in english) but other than a fire at the nuclear power plant, there didn't really seem to be anything new. more sad pictures and sadder stories and well, it's hard to take it all in. still. so, i turned it off and didn't check online sources (much) but did keep up (while at home) with facebook, twitter and email.

today was hiro's last day of school. it was a half day and while the kids were at school, tommy and i went to the coin laundry, did the recycling, stopped by 7-11 to get already made rice and already made curry, went to the super market for instant ramen and cup noodles, got the laundry and only just made it home before the kids did! i got them lunch and then packed up a box (not only with the things i purchased, but also with the batteries and snacks that yoshi got last night). i asked yoshi if i should include some toilet paper and/or boxes of tissues, but he said not to. i kinda regret it now, i hope they don't need toilet paper!

after i got everything in a box (which all fit perfectly!) i got all the kids in the car and went to kuroneko (one of many delivery services here in japan) and sent it off to yoshi's relatives (his aunt and her family) in tokyo. maybe the didn't really need those things, but they are always sending us cute/useful things for the kids so we decided to return the favor. i do hope they brighten their day.

going to kuroneko was interesting. there were a lot of people there sending boxes. as AFWJ membership secretary i go to kuroneko a lot and usually i'm the only person there (except in december when loads of people are sending end-of-year gifts). it was kinda quiet and somber, but i also felt glad that there were people concerned about loved ones far away and sending them care packages.

the fee was surprisingly low, and the clerk didn't even measure/weigh the box. i have a suspicion that they are just charging a flat fee for boxes for the time being. what a nice thing to do. another reason to like kuroneko.

well, i need to get mr. tommy to bed (he took a long nap today. egads!) hopefully i will remember to bring my nikon tomorrow and will have pictures to share. i may even get some of people *not* crying about 6-year-olds graduating kindergarten.