hiro was fine yesterday morning. very healthy, no fever. as testament as to how bad he looked on tuesday, the teacher on the morning bus was SHOCKED that hiro was ready for school and the first out the door. SHOCKED, i tell you. but yeah, i even took his temperature (we don't have to do that for this kindy) and it was 36.6C. so off to school he went. tommy is still a bit snotty with a cough, but no fevers for him.

tommy keeps saying, 'i'm not ready for school.' which at first, i thought he meant he didn't want to go. but then the other day he said to me, 'i don't have a bag so i'm not ready for school.' which i thought was cute and funny. tommy will be using hiro's 'rucksack', which is their grey bag they buy for school and is quite expensive. it's not pristine, but it still works so that should be fine. we are supposed to go to the school on the 22nd, presumably for an orientation and to get their school supplies and uniforms. then perhaps tommy will feel ready for school.

i need to get on my game and sew a few things up for the kids. hiro needs several bags and though they don't HAVE to be homemade, i want to try my hand at them. i also want to make a bento bag for tommy because the one i made for hiro, though still nice, is getting old and tommy needs *something* new. although, i did get him a new bento and chopsticks. and i'll be getting him his own thermos. but yeah, gotta dust off my sewing machine!