yesterday didn't start well. the kindy bus stop this year is in front of our house, but from april (the new school year) it will be around the corner (our neighbor behind us will also be going to 'our' kindergarten from april and as the live on the 'main' street in our neighborhood, it only makes sense for the bus to stop there. and it isn't that far, just around the corner!) so hiro and sasha have been keen on 'practicing'. you see, we're often not ready for the bus and having the bus come right to our door has been awesome! when hiro was a first and second year student, the stop was around the corner and up the street and during the winter it was very hard to get there on time. (of course, we were 'hindered' by two small children who weren't in school yet, but still...) ANYWAY, yesterday morning i was still trying to coax hiro into his uniform right as the bus was due to come. we made it outside but no bus--and we didn't hear the bus, so we hustled around the corner to wait for the bus. and we waited. and waited. there's another bus stop up the street--basically one block down--and sasha really really wanted to go there, too. after waiting for about ten minutes or so, we walked up the street. there one of the mothers had a cell phone and was talking to the school. apparently the bus was having engine trouble and would be late! well! we went back to the house because i thought we'd only be a minute or two and had left tommy at home watching a video. hiro and sasha were not impressed but i really had no choice and we went back to the house. tommy was fine, though he did comment that mommy was so long gone from the house!

so, we got comfy in front of the video and watched for a while. then i got a call from one of the teachers wondering where we were! they had come to the house and rang the bell, but someone (i have no idea who, but it wasn't me!!) had turned off the ringer to the doorbell. well hell! hiro and sasha had to rush into their coats and find all their stuff and rush out the door! oops! oh well.

then tommy and i got ready for a trip to costco. tommy was actually dressed, but that's only because i made him take a nap the day before and he didn't get up for anything! he 'slept' from 4 pm to 7 am. i guess he needed the sleep! so, we get out the door and head to costco, but i had forgotten to take my phone. it was charging up and i usually have it in my purse. oops! costco was fine, tommy was fine, and we even made a stop at the GAP outlet store to get a few things for hiro (the poor boy has almost no clothes. i am worried about what he's going to wear at school!) then we headed home and nearly as soon as we got in the house, our home phone started ringing. we never use this phone but i had to go to the bathroom so i asked tommy to answer it. apparently he answers the phone with, 'what?' good thing it was yoshi!

so, yoshi was calling because the school called him. hiro had a fever and they had tried to call me but i wasn't answering my phone (because i forgot it). oops! anyway, i checked the phone and they had only just called so phew! at least poor hiro hadn't been waiting for hours for me to come pick him up. i changed tommy's diaper, put the cold stuff in the refrigerator and then hustled him back into the car ('why are we going again??') and drove to the school. poor hiro was so cold and sick. i also got sasha and drove to the pediatrician's clinic. well. it was tuesday and in the afternoons the do vaccination shots only until 3 pm. UGH!!! i have to admit, i was less than impressed. i DO appreciate that they have time blocked off for this, but they do it EVERY week on tuesday AND thursday. it makes sense, I GET IT, and yet...i dunno. last wednesday i took them to the clinic (in the afternoon) and they were closed (i don't know if they closed early or if they were just closed wednesday afternoon. most cattle-call type things are on wednesday afternoons and at least one of the doctors from this clinic seem to participate in them. usually the clinic is open until six.) so even though my kids were feeling poorly then, we couldn't see the doctor. and then yesterday afternoon! there really aren't any other clinics closer to where we live, and even this it's a bit of a drive. and tommy was in melt-down mode and really needed a nap. i told the reception that i had taken my kids out of kindy early and that's why we were there at that time, and i suspect hiro could have fifth disease and....they said we could wait in the car until three. uh, yeah, no. tommy was having a fit (he wanted to push the button for the automatic door, but sasha had got there first) and there was no way i was waiting forty minutes! SO! very annoyed, i drove to the cosmos (drug store) next door, got some kids' cold medicine and went home. sasha fell asleep JUST as we go to our street so i made her get out of the car and go to bed. hiro and tommy got doses of medicine (tommy has a cough and a runny nose) and then sent them off to bed. hiro was pissed off, but he did eventually take a nap. tommy went to sleep pretty easily (but then, he still needs naps!) and sasha? no way, man, there was no way she was gonna sleep! UGH! and of course, she was ms. meltydown cranky pants by six. *sigh*

anyway, that was our day. fingers crossed hiro feels better today and will go to school. only six days left!