...but before we get to oita, let's talk about kindergarten. again. tommy is now a preschool student! his entrance ceremony was on saturday (and yet, he doesn't start school until tomorrow--and i have to go, too, for PTA deciding stuff so he'll just be entertained by videos or something.) soon i'll have three children in school and none at home. i really hope to get a handle on this house!

anyway, i got up very early on saturday in order to go to the laundromat to dry a LOT of laundry. (it just really builds up, especially since we have so many, and the washing machine is quite small.) when i got back, it was nearly 8, so everyone else was up. the kids were kinda grazing, but didn't really have breakfast. i couldn't find any information on the ceremony (when it started, for example) so i called the school to find out they were gathering at 9 and starting at 9:30. WELL. got everyone dressed and ready to go, gave each kid a banana and got to the school just in time. there was a lot of waiting around and tommy got pretty bored before it even started. i was going to do the whole ceremony thing with him, but i got tired of his running away from me and flopping all over the floor, so i got yoshi to do it. poor tommy. sitting down and paying attention is not his forte so the ceremony was not all that fun for him. i got a few pictures with yoshi's camera, but i haven't uploaded them yet.

tommy's teacher is sasha's teacher from last year. his kumi is 'yume', which means 'dream'. (did i tell you sasha's kumi? it's 'yuuki', which means 'bold'.) i really hope that tommy enjoys school, and that he grows a lot from this experience!