last friday we...ah yes, sasha had school, but i didn't know (remember) that, so imagine our surprise when the bus arrived at 8:30 and sasha was still in her nightgown! yikes! so, hurried sasha into her uniform, tamed her hair and washed her face. at the same time, bullied hiro into his clothes. not to mention, woke tommy, changed his diaper and got him dressed. still, we got to the school by nine. it was a short day, but sasha 'met' her 2nd year teacher and found out who was in her class. not too bad, hey--keep in mind it takes about 20 minutes to drive to school. the kids really *can* get ready in ten minutes!!

decided to skip japanese class. they have changed their policy and now you have to let them know when you're not going to class. ah well. took the boys to the supermarket to do a bit of shopping and then home to wait for sasha. i made a lasagna for dinner in the afternoon (the kids kept asking me what i was making. funny kids.) the best thing about making it so early is that the kids aren't begging me to cut it as soon as it comes out of the oven (because it just spills out all over if you cut it when it's hot) at dinner time because they are 'soooooo hungry'.

i really wanted to make the kids sleep in the afternoon because they were driving me crazy, but on the other hand, i didn't want to wake them up in order to take them to daycare. not a pleasant experience, let me tell you. so, went to work to find out no new students, so now only have one. a very uncooperative boy so i gotta find my inner entertainer (yeah, don't have one of those. i don't do the gaijin monkey thing very well). so, i asked my boss if i could bring hiro to join the class. just to try out at first. (the student i have now is a second grader and we are not clicking *sad face* but i really want him to enjoy the class *and* learn english--and not only because it's my job. if he has someone to interact with--even if it's a native speaker--maybe he'll make more of an effort. it's not that he totally doesn't understand (i've had those kind of students before) it's just that he doesn't really want to study english and so if he's not into what i've got going on, he's really not going to do it. he likes games, but this is a juku and i'm not entirely sure what i can 'get away with' there.) i figure because hiro's pretty shy that he might not say much at first anyway, and hopefully won't 'scare' the other student with his great english. i definitely *don't* want to discourage the other boy! wish me luck next friday....

so, we went home and had our lasagna (yum) then it was bath/pjs/teeth brushing time. got the kids to bed pretty early, which is always a bonus!

next up, out trip to oita!