so, first off we got a new TV, because we are starting to get cable. we've actually had the TV for over a month, because yoshi wanted to get a good deal on a TV, but didn't want to start the cable until april, because of some promotional thing. a free month, or two (or more) of cable. anyway, now we have TV. four years ago, when we moved into this house, we made a decision between TV and internet. internet won, of course, and we've never really missed TV (i'm talking about programing. of course we watch DVDs, probably too many DVDs!) and it's going to be interesting finding a balance between TV and the rest of life. right now the kids are watching the cartoon network.

so while the cable guys were here, hiro had a bit of an accident. i was inside starting to work on the bags i want to make for hiro (for elementary school) when hiro and sasha came running in from outside. hiro was crying, and sasha was shouting, 'look at hiro's face!' yep, hiro was bleeding--from two small wounds in his face. sasha was the reporter, telling me that the (new) girl across the street had pushed hiro. he had a gash on his cheek and one on the bridge of his nose. *sigh* he was saying the cut on his cheek (which was close to his eye) hurt so much. i asked him about his nose and he said it didn't hurt at all. !! so, i decided he needed to go to the hospital (well, that and the fact that he seemed to have a black eye already and his eye was turning red). unfortunately, the cable guys were here, and i couldn't leave while they were. so. i called yoshi, and he hung up on me (he's not so into being called at work.) i called him again and he answered. i said that hiro had fallen and i needed to take him to the hospital. since they cable guys were there i needed yoshi to come home. he balked at first, but since it was nearly noon, he agreed to come home *rolls eyes*

so, i took hiro to the hospital, and ended up with a doctor who spoke english. how nice. hiro was being shy and wouldn't talk to him. now he said his nose hurt more than his cheek. his eye (that is, the white of his eye) was still quite red, but he seemed to be ok. the doctor put some tape on his wounds and then we waited in the lobby to pay our bill. tommy was being a right PITA and eventually i had to put him in the car by himself. only for a few minutes, though.

then i went to the photo studio to pick up the portraits we had done a week and a half ago. very cute! we then went home and no one was there. so, we had lunch and tried to check out the TV but tempers were running high (as they have been for the past few weeks) and i was sick and tired of the bickering. i made them all go to bed, tommy especially needed a nap. hiro didn't sleep, but sasha and tommy did. thank goodness.

i managed to make three out of four bags today. i still have the library book bag to make up but i am actually quite relieved to have most of it done! i hope to have enough time tomorrow, but i do have japanese class in the morning and work in the afternoon....our plans for the weekend include the opening ceremony for tommy and a trip to oita to see GW and family. sooooo busy!

lulu asked a couple of questions (well, kinda...) on the previous post. well, it wasn't quite warm enough yesterday for water play. actually, the whole purpose of the playground is to stay *out* of the water. it's actually for kids 6 and older, so tommy falling in the water first thing isn't that big a surprise. sasha did quite well, though. it was really sunny yesterday, and there was a bit of a breeze, so that tommy could wear his jeans on the way back to the car--which was a good thing since his shirt was soaking wet!! and as far as the kids getting along...they do for the most part, but they also fight a lot!! lots of bickering and fighting over things. we have been very lucky that hiro loves babies and was so welcoming to sasha and tommy when they were born. but, that doesn't mean it's all sunshine and roses all the time! LOL

today was very warm, very nice. too bad we spent most of the day inside!! it wasn't sunny, but really warm. and while i am writing this post, the first bug is buzzing outside this evening. that's a promising sign!!

as for the little girl pushing hiro today, apparently they all (hiro, sasha, neighbor girl) wanted the same thing, a colored bucket, and hiro was running toward it (or with it away from the girls) and somehow he got pushed. as i said, i wasn't there. while we were at the hospital the girl and her mother came over to apologize. and i think they came over during nap time. they did come over during the evening with an apology and some snacks. i admit it, at first i didn't want my kids playing with this girl (they've only been here for about a month and i have a negative view of this poor child) anymore because she seems so rough. but kids are kids and i'm sure it was just an accident. ugh. oh well, at least she's going to the other elementary school!

sorry, no pics but maybe tomorrow, of the bags i made.