i was feeling so poorly yesterday. really under the weather. i don't know why, but i do hope i'm not coming down with anything.

today is wednesday so i went to my new (well, new to me) japanese class with connie today. it's really interesting to talk to new people. and i do like to study japanese. i just wish i could remember things better.

i haven't been swimming much. last week was not possible and this week i just don't feel up to it. i need to just do it, though. walking with the dog has been nice (well, mostly nice) and getting that little bit more exercise has made me feel better (but didn't keep the blahs away yesterday).

nothing really new here. we paid for our pets on sunday; they are officially ours. i have a few pictures of zorro, but none of pia. as she spends all her time upstairs and it's rather messy up there, i'm not sure i'll get any soon....

well, here's hoping it doesn't take me more than a week to post again!