i have been told off for not blogging more. oops! but nothing has been happening, just the day-to-day stuff. kids go to school (hiro has started pool fun & the other two start today), i have japanese class and work and yoshi has work. we have no plans for a vacation this year, no on planning to visit, just a long hot summer ahead of us.

the cat and dog are doing fine. zorro seems to be losing a lot of fur, but i hope it's just winter coat stuff and not nerves. pia is still shedding a TON, but her fur is thicker and longer. zorro is a little fattie, almost 3 kilos over weight (which is apparently a lot for a dog his size) and the little mofo stole four latkes that i made last night. NOT HELPING, DOG!

no pictures yet. yoshi ordered me a battery for my olympus, though. i am looking forward to using that camera again!

ok, that's it. talk at ya later.