i forgot to write about yesterday's post's title. my nose is stuffed. i think i have a summer cold (lucky me) but i suppose it could always be allergies. unlikely, but could be. so, i can't breathe well and have a slight headache.

yesterday i was so tired. i didn't sleep well the night before. mainly because of the dog and the cat. the dog barked and barked so i finally went downstairs to see what he needed. turned out he was really thirsty. put him back to bed, went upstairs to my bed and thirty minutes later the cat started meowing. not cool. finally put her out of my room and dozed for the rest of the night. with my cold i wasn't feeling all that hot yesterday.

early this morning the cat did her meow thing (as she usually does--at 4 am. WTF, cat?) but she was outside my room. i got up to let her in when the door started to open. i thought maybe the cat was trying to do it until i opened the door and sasha stood up. nearly peed my pants! made sasha go back to bed and the cat did her normal cat stomp and meow until i threw her out again. i am so ready for her to be a bit older and sleep through the night-type cat!

today is going to be a scorcher. i think i'll go to the mall and get some cold meds, then a cold drink at starbucks. yeah, sounds like a plan!