today was a less than fun day. i had to work in the morning, so before that, i promised the kids i would take them to mr. donut if they didn't cry or fight before going to the babysitter (day care). sadly for them, they could not manage this so i told them we weren't going. which is a bummer, because i like mr donut!

my summer class is quite nice, even though there is only one student. hiro comes to class with me still, but sometimes he's quite naughty and doesn't pay attention to me! and all he wants to do is play games. poor hiro. but it's nice to have him there so the student has someone to practice with other than me. the student in the summer class is not the same student in my every day class and he's so different! teaching this summer has become a pleasant task.

anyway, after picking up sasha and tommy for day care, i took them home wailing about going to mr. donut. or not going to mr. donut. anyway, we got home and i made them lunch. then i set up the pool and started filling it with water. the kids changed into their bathing suits and i went upstairs to put away laundry. after a few minutes i heard shouting so i went downstairs to find the living room floor soaking wet. (so was the box from sasha's bike.) at first i thought the kids went into the pool and then ran through the house. it turns out, though, that they got into the bath and then ran around the house. NOT PLEASED. after forcing them to dry up the floor with towels, and turning off the water for the pool (which wasn't quite filled up enough), i told them to go out and just play. stay out of my hair. i also had to leave the laundry and yes, this is another instance of why Nothing Ever Gets Done and Why I Suck at Housework.

the weekend can't come fast enough. except we're going on some kind of trip tomorrow morning. oh joy.