well. today wasn't too bad. except for the headache. and the noise. and the bus. and tommy and sasha whining at me (i want to go home. i'm HUNGRY. i want to try. it's my turn. WHY???)

so, back in may (or june), yoshi signed hiro up for the kodomokai trip, which was to a children's science museum and planetarium. yoshi also signed himself up and thought sasha would enjoy it, too. he cannot handle all three kids on his own (in public) so he decided tommy would stay home with me for the day. fine, ok, whatever. then a few weeks later yoshi found out he had to work on that day (today), so it then fell to me to go with the kids. and take tommy, too. OH JOY.

so this morning i got their thermoses ready, and put a few snacks in the (now no longer used) diaper bag. i mainly got the diaper bag because i can't find the strap for tommy's thermos, but of course, i forgot his thermos at home. smart. i am the smart! so we went to the park to meet up with the other kids who were going. not all parents went (oh, so looking forward to the day when my kids are big enough to go on their own!!) but a few of us did. there was a private bus to drive us to the museum, but there wasn't quite enough room. so, i had to share a seat with tommy and sasha (actually, it was two seats, but not quite enough room for the three of us!) the drive there wasn't so bad but on the way back was pure torture. everyone was hot and tired and i really couldn't wait to get home and get off the bus!

so, we get to the museum and head straight upstairs to put our extra stuff in a classroom. then we went to the planetarium. i actually quite enjoy planetariums but everything was in japanese and i didn't sleep well the night before and so...i fell asleep for a little bit. after showing the usual 'night sky in our area' stuff they had some kind of anime about dorothy and the wizard of oz. since i was mainly sleeping i didn't really get it but i don't ever remember there being a part in the story where a scorpion chases dorothy and her friends over a ravine (of course, the scorpion fell in so everyone was safe!) after seeing that i actively tried to fall asleep again. *sigh*

after the planetarium the kids were left to roam free in the museum. there were five groups with a parent in charge of each group, but it was basically mayhem. tommy was too small to do most things (it's a hands-on kind of children's museum) so he got really frustrated. then sasha and tommy got hungry and wanted to eat. i told them we had to wait for lunch because we were having bentos. so then they started shouting that they wanted to go home. telling them we couldn't just go home because we got there on the bus did not impress them. and so, i got a pretty bad headache. finally we went back to the classroom where our stuff was to have a bento lunch. it was actually pretty good (probably to be kid-friendly) but yoshi had only ordered a bento for himself (me), hiro and sasha. sasha, tommy and i shared the two bentos, and it worked out fairly well, except they ate the very best parts! luckily i had some tylenol in my purse so i was able to combat my headache. phew!

after lunch the kids looked around a bit more, but then it was time to get on the bus. each group had their picture taken together and then we left. as i said, it wasn't too bad but i was so ready to be home!