what a summer! i am so glad it's nearly over! what a thing to say, but there it is!

a few weeks ago, i was taking pictures in order to write a post on my cooking blog (HAHA) and noticed how freaking messy the kitchen was! this motivated me to clean up, and to do it vicky style, that is take pictures and blog about it!

so, here is a picture of the kitchen. you can see that it is very narrow. my oven is there on the left, the sink is on the right. the bucket next to the wall is the compost. (ew)

messy kitchen

so messy.

next is a picture of the sink and counter space. there isn't a lot of space and it attracts clutter. the grey thing in the lower right hand side is the dish washer. i also notice, from this picture, that a lot of the clutter is recycling that is drying...

what a mess!

here is my limited counter space--so cluttered with things! two thermoses and an insulated cup, two water glasses (one of which has since been smashed by a child) and just lots of stuff. *sigh*

messy counter

and, the sink. a lot of the mess is drying milk cartons, but there's a pot waiting to be washed (this is actually a 'clean' kitchen, it wasn't until i started taking photos for a blog post that i noticed how cluttered it is! everything has a place, honest, it just doesn't always make it back to that place! when the kitchen isn't 'clean', that sink is chock full of dishes!)

messy sink

ok, much better (although the water glasses are still there. however, i need to drink a lot of water, so there you go!) guess i could have moved the cutting board for the photo, but i was about to start cooking.

almost clear

and the sink a bit better, though there's still a milk carton and pet bottle drying, and all those dishes draining. but still, not bad!

the sink

well, that's pretty much it. i actually really dislike my kitchen, it's no better than any you would find in an apartment. which is sad, really, seeing as we live in a house!