well, i thought that once i got caught up, i would blog more. guess i was wrong! whoops! it's really hard, though, since i'm spending "six weeks at home alone with three small children". it's been rather hectic, actually. not with going places and doing things, just with the kids' constant bickering, hitting and all-out fighting. we're not having a lot of fun this summer.

we did go to the aquarium at uminonakamichi last week. on the very day hiro and my 'passports' expired, so that was good. and we had a pretty good day, though the sun was strong and the hike to and from the kiddie pool at the park was harsh.

now it is obon, but we have no plans for doing anything. yoshi has today and tomorrow off, so we are trading off having time to ourselves. i mean on our own as one, not alone together. which would be nice, but not gonna happen!

next week i'll be going to hyogo for a job, that should be fun! hopefully the kids won't miss me too much and give yoshi a hard time!