sasha and tree

we had a fabulous christmas!! i only got pictures of the kids on christmas eve, i was pretty busy all week cleaning and preparing for christmas dinner. we invited two families over, for a total of 11 people. the menu was turkey dinner with all the trimmings, plus a few extras that others were bringing. kuri and her family came, and a new friend and her husband came.

i have video from opening presents on christmas morning, but i haven't uploaded them yet. the kids were well pleased with the presents, that's always nice! then we decided to go to royal host for breakfast, which was especially nice for me since i was going to be cooking pretty much all day. that put me behind schedule, though, so when guests started arriving, i was still tidying up! that's ok, not the guests fault, and nothing i couldn't slide into a closet and ignore until later.

the kids had a great time, playing with new friends and old. the turkey turned out great, and the stuffing was lovely. i made a mistake with the gravy and although it was delicious, it wasn't perfect. ah well, maybe next year.

here are pictures of the kids in their christmas clothes. thanks to grandma for the lovely dress!

silly tommy

hey, what did you get?

cute for christmas



happy sasha

ready for christmas

happy christmas smile

almost a smile

taking off


good cheer

and hiro and tommy posing in front of santa's milk and cookies. tommy is pretending to eat the cookies!

cookies for santa