well, survived another new year's at the in-laws' house. it probably helps that we only stayed one night. that's because we brought the dog with us. who managed to sleep in the house, actually in the futons with us. lucky dog.

i had a couple of beers and a glass of wine and was in bed with an over-tired (that is, very cranky) tommy by 8 pm. i didn't even get up when he finally went to sleep, i just relaxed under the warm blankets and went to sleep myself. apparently yoshi stayed up til 2 with his parents (and zorro), so he was pretty tired today! that's ok because we did our usual: wake up late, go to onsen, return for osechi lunch, laze around the rest of the day....anyway, we are home now. the cat was waiting at the front door for us. the kids fell asleep in the car and so we somehow managed to get them in the house and in their pajamas without too many tears!

tonight it's supposed to get cold and perhaps even snow a bit. yay for a cold winter's day (NOT).

i hope you are enjoying the first day of 2012.