hiro started second grade today.  i would say it was nice, but i still had sasha and tommy at home, and i am, quite frankly, burnt out.  i am so over having the kids at home all day.  every day.  and it's still not over.  sasha and tommy have a holiday on monday, and hiro has a holiday on tuesday.  i will finally have a few hours peace on wednesday.  finally.

i haven't done any spring cleaning yet.  just not happening.  i will try to do a big push tomorrow, and then get things done as the kids go back to school.  what i want to do is a purge, throwing out things we don't need or use any more.  then i need to do a lot of dusting, window cleaning and just general cleaning that hasn't been done on a regular basis.  *sigh*  and who ever thought it was a good idea to live with animals??  ugh!  the mess and mayhem they cause.  so far, not worth it.