hiro starts school tomorrow, although sasha and tommy do not.  i confess, i am so ready for them to be in school again.  of course, sasha and tommy still have about a month of half-days, but three hours to myself in the morning is better than none at all!

today we had plans to meet up with kuri and mrs. n, but not until lunch.  the kids were so ready to go by 10 so i took them to global arena to play at the playground.  we really love this place, so much grass and the playground is a lot of fun!  i also enjoy the bakery they have there, and someday i'd like to try the buffet restaurant they have there.

after a while, i got the kids together and we drove to nogata.  there we met our friends at the mall and had lunch.  then dessert.  then we went to a small play area in the middle of the mall and the kids went pretty crazy.  hiro and tommy fight a lot these days.  i'm not sure if it's male bonding or what, but i am so over it and now just let them to it.  fight it out, boys!  *sigh*

after a while we gathered up the kids again and then i popped into vanguard village to get some milk tooth boxes, as zorro has chewed up all of ours.  these are little things in which you place a tooth for the tooth fairy.  a 100 yen coin fits perfectly in the box!  then we went to the game center because i had promised hiro he could try for a bouncy ball (he lost one at global arena), then had to suffer through my kids whining about playing more games!  eventually we got them to starbucks for our last treat of the day.  then it was time to head home.  sasha was particularly tired and whined most of the way home.  eventually she fell asleep and we were all relieved!

well, that's pretty much it for our day.  i did take pictures, but haven't had time to upload them.  perhaps someday...