sorry to all my wordpress blogging friends. wordpress will no longer let me comment under my gmail email because i have a registered account with wordpress with that email. so, that means i HAVE to sign in with that account in order to use that email to make a comment on a wordpress blog. make sense? what that means is that i cannot use that email address which is also used for my gravatar (puts my specialized icon out there) and my blogger home address.  i don't want to have a link to any of my wordpress blogs out there, or even my wordpress ID, nor do i wish to make a new gravatar with a new email address.  when did this change?  why does everything have to be so fucking connected now??  NOT COOL, WORDPRESS.  or any social media that connects to EVERYTHING else whether you want it to or not!!

SO.  i probably won't be commenting much on wordpress blogs.  sorry about that.  :(

the new blogger layout is very wordpress-like.  i don't know if many of these things are new, or if they're just out there and easier to find, but i do like the statistics things and comment options.  not the best ever, since it's similar to wordpress and i don't like blogging there.  but i still like it over wordpress, so will probably be blogging here for a while longer.

this is not meant to put anyone down for using wordpress or another blogging platform.  i am happy with blogger (still) so will be staying here.  am just pissed that wordpress won't let me use the email i want to use for making comments on wordpress blogs.  phooey to them!!