today has been a pretty crazy day in japan, as far as the weather is concerned!  nearly all of japan had a severe weather warning about strong winds, and those that didn't had an advisory.  at home, this meant that the laundry that i somehow forgot to bring in last night was blown off the laundry pole and got wet and dirty.  oops.

this morning yoshi went off to work and told hiro he had to tackle some of his spring break homework.  i told hiro that if he tried really hard that i would take them all to mr. donut.  hiro did quite well and so that's how i found myself driving around munakata in typhoon force gales!  seriously, the car was nearly blown off the road a couple of times on our way there, and i have a pretty big and heavy car!

after our donut and drinks, we went to kaldi coffee to get a couple of things for dinner.  i made green curry for me, and chili for the kids.  a nice hot meal for such a cold and windy day!  (it's not that cold, but compared to yesterday, it felt cold, especially in the wind!)  our afternoon at home was ok, with tommy pestering hiro which resulted in several drag-out fights until i took tommy upstairs for a nap.  before that the kids played with play-do and then watched tv.

we had an early dinner tonight, which was nice.  now i am just waiting for phinneas and ferb to finish so i can herd them to bath and bed.  only two more days with three kids at home!