so, yoshi and i got iphones at the end of july.  i was pretty excited about it, i even ordered a gelaskins from amazon for it!  however, i barely had it a month before i lost it!  i was so devastated.  seriously, the week it was gone, i could barely do anything.  and it didn't really have to do with the phone per se, but more with the expense it would have been replacing it (getting another iphone would have been about ¥60,000, up front, and we would have still had to pay for the one i lost!) 

i had gone to kobe to teach an english camp, and i definitely had it with me on the shinkansen home.  however, the battery ran out and so i put it in my purse.  my purse that was over-full and too small.  it must have slipped out on the train, either the shinkansen or the express that i took back home.  it definitely wasn't in the taxi i took home, because we called all the taxi companies (i was pretty exhausted by the time i got home and couldn't remember the name of the taxi!)

i noticed it was gone right away because i wanted to take it out of my bag and recharge it.  i was pretty embarrassed that i lost my new toy so quickly.  so, yoshi called around for me, to the taxis, the trains and the phone company.  they froze it right away, so that was something.  later on i used icloud to shut it down as well (i couldn't track it because it was turned off--dead battery--but let me say i really like the 'find my iphone' thing!)  by the third day of it being missing, the phone company told us that it was unlikely we would ever see the phone again.  i was very sad.  i liked my phone and it's decoration! 

however, this has a happy ending!  at the end of the day on friday, yoshi got a call from the phone company and they told him my phone had been found!  it was in nogata (nogata??) which is about 40 minutes by car from here.  i had to go in person to claim it, which was easy because of the gelskins decoration i had put on it!  yay!

so, what was it like to not have a phone for a week?  well, it was kinda weird, but i didn't exactly miss it.  i use it a lot for email and texting, but comparatively speaking, i don't really get a lot of mail or texts.  lol  so, in some ways it was frustrating, but mostly it was really not all that different when i had it!