i just started writing a post about undokais, when i realized that i didn't write about sasha's birthday! oops!

my little girl turned six this year. six! she will be starting elementary school in the spring. we have already started preparing. yoshi got her a 'randoseru', a kind of japanese schoolbag with german influences. usually they are made of leather and meant to last for six years and are *outrageously* expensive, but we got a bag that sasha likes, so that's out of the way!

we invited kuri (and her kids) and rachel (and her kids) for the birthday party, which was the first weekend in september. sadly one of rachel's girls fell ill just before and they couldn't make it, so it was kuri and her kids.

as usual, i was pretty busy with 'entertaining' (read: chatting with kuri) that i didn't take many pictures. i also didn't make the ice cream cake as i had intended, but there was cake and ice cream, and the kids played for hours, so in general it was a success! a happy birthday for a happy girl!