hi sasha

so, i have a pumpkin pie baking in the oven, and another waiting to be baked, for the thanksgiving party we're going to (at kuri's house) tomorrow. i have been looking forward to it all week! so, i will take this time to finally write about undokais!

hiro's undokai was in september. i had a bit of a panic attack and had yoshi take the kids while i stayed at home and finished the bento. i don't know why i was freaking out, only that i didn't want to be there and be the obvious gaijin, standing out.

so, i finished the bento and walked to the school. it was a lovely day, and it was a lovely walk. i listened to my iphone, and i think it all did me good.

i didn't get many pictures from the undokai, mainly because yoshi was taking pictures with *his* iphone, but i did get a couple. one is of yoshi in the relay, and one is of sasha, who will be a first grader next year.

relay race

incoming first grader

for the kindy undokai, i was much more relaxed. i also couldn't walk to the school, so we all had to go together. we were on the undokai committee, so that meant yoshi had to help out. i was on potty duty, which meant i had to take kids to the bathroom if they needed to go. again, the weather was lovely, and he had a great time.

first there was a parade, that's why sasha was wearing red, and tommy blue.

ready for undokai

i really don't have a whole lot else to say. this is our fourth undokai at the kindy! but, if you're interested, i have an album of this year's undokai here.