...but i didn't take any pictures at dinner. sorry. it turned out really well, though. except the turkey got a bit over-cooked. oven's fault. haha. i used the steam roast option, and the fan kept blowing off the foil i put over the breast. also, i cooked it at a bit too high temperature for the first hour and a half. but it was still really good and there's lots of leftovers. i'm sending some home with my in-laws (if they want it) and have plenty for a pot pie and sandwiches.

my in-laws surprised me at dinner. i usually moan about the fact that the japanese boil the hell out of their veggies. never a raw vegetable anywhere. in our family, though, my mom usually serves a veggie dip plate (including carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower and green onions) so i put out carrot and celery spears, and served them with blue cheese dressing. they loved them, especially my father-in-law. he kept going on about how he'd never had raw carrot before and it was really good. they also liked the dressing. they could have been kissing-up, but i think they really liked it.

also popular was the cranberry sauce. growing up, my sister was known for loving cranberry sauce and we had to keep it away from her until she had eaten some turkey and veggies. well, it looks like sasha is going to take that role in our family! seriously, yoshi gave her some cranberry sauce and she sucked it down, held out her bowl and said, 'more!' she has never done that before (said, 'more.') and she did it about six times! it was soooooo cute! if we ever have a turkey dinner with aunt katie, we'll need two or three cans of that stuff!! ;)

my pie turned out really well, though my mother-in-law couldn't finish her serving. she ate too much at dinner! actually, my father-in-law said that the dinner was like a restaurant experience, it's that different for them. they'd never had turkey before, and it was the second time for them that they were served something from a whole bird (i made a chicken last year). i am glad they enjoyed it, and thankfully it went well.

the mashed potatoes were perfect. the gravy was nearly perfect (not quite thick enough, but wonderful). i made a new dish (for me) with green beans and persimmon, it was nice. a lovely thanksgiving dinner with my family and my husband's parents.


nay sent me some interview questions so i hope to get to that tomorrow or monday.