the previous post's title was supposed to mean that i'm trying not to let my weight bother me too much. i didn't gain any weight with any pregnancy, but i still have a flabbier tummy. ha! but i think it's too early to try to throw myself into an exercise regime that i cannot handle. i really wish i could go swimming, but with three little ones, i can't. *sigh* maybe i should try to win the lottery this holiday season... one thing i can do, however, is cut back on the donuts.

as for the hair, i am ready for a change. i'm just waiting for it to fall out. i mean, if i get a real cut, and pay a lot for it, and then my hair falls out and it looks like crap? that would be a bad idea. but highlights are good because it changed the color of my hair and will still be something to work with when i get my hair cut. yay.