yes, i'm down in the dumps, maybe a little baby blues, maybe a little feeling left out, or maybe from all this fat that has deposited itself around my middle. *sigh* exercise would go a long way towards helping me feel better and getting that fat outta here, but i just don't have time or space. over the weekend my friend asked me how it was possible for me not to get any exercise with three kids?! well, when one of them isn't mobile, and i don't have a stroller for two, someone is slowing me down. and so, i might get out, but i don't move fast enough to call it exercise. anyway...there is always more to the story and even though it's possible that my (former) friends 'gave up' on our friendship because i moved away, i don't think that's it. but, it involves a lot of personal information about others that i don't feel comfortable with writing about here. heck, i could just be a self-centered chick and they really didn't freeze me out, i just thought they did. moving on:

hiro has taught sasha how to sing the abc's. it's very cute, though i doubt i'm gonna get it on video. she sings it like this: "ah ah ah ah ah ah gee, ah ah ahh ah ... ah... pee. ah ah ... finish." adorable!!