it rained last night. and rained hard. it was still raining when we got up this morning, but now it has pretty much tapered off. tomorrow is supposed to be fine, though. i hope it is, so i can get some more laundry done (i really hate to hang things in the house). maybe rain for the rest of the week, though. i like the rain, then i don't have to water my plants!

yoshi stayed home yesterday. i'm not clear on why he took a day off, but lucky for him because he was seriously hungover. sunday was a softball tournament for the neighborhood, and the guys got together afterward for an enkai. apparently yoshi had a bit too much! it's nice having him around, but hungover yoshi isn't all that pleasant to have around. thankfully he spent much of the day upstairs and even got tommy down for a nap!

that's pretty much it, sorry no blog drama for today!

(gawd, what a seriously boring post!!)