nothing new to report. still doing the same old things. getting the kids to school, making bento three days a week, hanging out with tommy. there is a little bit of unbloggables, but that's mainly because i don't know how to say it. it's not that serious, don't worry, but all the same, i can't write about it! ha.

last night hiro cut his finger and i had a go at yoshi for it. hiro wants to help so bad, but i just can't let him. i guess that makes me overprotective, but then, he's never cut his finger on my watch (and oh hey, who was in charge when sasha sliced her thumb with the veggie peeler? hint: it wasn't me.) it's one of those things that happen, but shouldn't have, in my opinion. yes, i get that hiro wants to help and yes, i understand that he doesn't get it that he's not big enough (i mean, not tall enough, mainly). add on that i have a teeny tinesy kitchen and well, mark me down as mean mommy, because i don't let my kids help in the kitchen. i will try to find things for him to do (like cutting tofu with a butter knife or something) so he can have fun helping, but for goodness' sake, no more knives and sharp objects for the kids!!

today was pretty hot and muggy, and the weekend forecast is not promising (rain rain) so we may be heading for rainy season. oh joy. well, good things come out of rainy season, so i will try to keep my complaining to a minimum. and i will also try to update more often!