we had no plans today, but sasha seemed to have a tummy bug, so i took her to the clinic this morning.  then i went to JTB to buy tickets to tokyo in a couple of weeks (only for me!  yay!) and then took the kids to mcdonald's to lunch.  had to be careful of sasha's sore tummy, of course, although she did eat a few french fries.

then it was back home and the kids wanted to watch harry potter "3", so i let them do that (they wanted a 'scary' one, and they haven't seen the prisoner of azkaban, or as they call it, harry potter 3).  after a while, though, the movie lost its appeal and hitting each other with seat cushions was far more preferable.  not for me, though, so i sent them outside to enjoy the sunshine.  after a few minutes, though, someone hit someone else with a stick, so the sticks were banished to the trash, and the kids were sent to their beds.

soon enough, they were all asleep, so i crept back downstairs for 'me time'.  it was so nice and quiet that i just couldn't bring myself to get started on spring cleaning.  i really need to get that done!  i am having a get-together at my house in just over a week, and i had better have the house looking great by then!!

i did manage to make dinner, though, and after a few hours the kids were downstairs and demanding to be fed.  good thing i had actually made something!  now we are all bathed and i am waiting for tommy to fall asleep.

not really a busy day, but i do need to get the cleaning started!